Hi! My name is Branden, and I’m a traveler and documenter. I love to blog, make youtube videos, and use social media to share my stories with the world.

headshot blueI started getting into blogging when I was in middle school. I ran a pretty basic blog that highlighted all the gossip of the community. That blog got me into trouble more than once…

The transition from blogs into Youtube came after my first year of college. As I traveled around, I met people who either ran a Youtube channel, or was obsessed with them.

After starting to be active on my Youtube channel, I fell in love with the community. It was such a supportive, interactive place.

Now I post all about my travels here on my blog and make silly videos on Youtube. I love spontaneous adventures, meeting new people and delicious food. My travels take me around the states, and I want to bring you with me.

Interested in working with me? 

Poke around my blog a bit and see what you think of my stuff! I’ve worked with and been an affiliate partner with brands like Club W, Bombas, Freshbooks and Red Roof Inn, and I’d love to chat about a brand deal with your company! You can always reach me on Twitter (@thebrandenscott) or you can shoot me an email at hello@thebrandenscott.com to share your info with me.

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