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Beach Vacation in South Texas

When most people think of Texas, the image of a beach vacation doesn’t often come to mind.

But Texas has some great beaches. Being on the gulf means the water is warm in the summer, and the beaches are generally shallow.

So one of my friends, Brian, and I decided to take a three day beach vacation in Corpus Christie and South Padre Island, Texas.

We stayed at a Home2 Suites, which is like an extended stay, but swanky. It was pretty cheap to book, and had everything you’d expect. They also had a full sized fridge and freezer, which was pretty cool, and all the dishes were provided for you.

How great, right?

We didn’t spend a ton of time in the hotel, but we did make use of the space as best we could.

Our first day we hit up Mustang Island, which is a beach you can drive on (and my little Mazda 3 did great, surprisingly).

The water was so warm, and it felt great to swim in the ocean.

beach, waves, ocean,

The beach was shallow, so you could wade out pretty far. We made a pit stop at a local Walmart for a frisbee, but we were only able to locate a boomerang-that’s just as good, I guess.

Our first day at the beach was a success. We even managed to remember sunscreen, so we didn’t get burnt.

We returned to a few other beaches over the next few days. We even came back to Mustang Island late at night to go for a night-swim, and attempted to take some photos of the stars, which didn’t really turn out.

Looks like I caught Bigfoot, right? Trying to get a photo of a person and the stars is tough, especially with no tripod or filters.

Since our night time beach photo shoot was a bit of a bust, we opted to wake up super early on our last day, and head to the beach for sunrise.

It was really a great way to start the day, and as much as I hate mornings, seeing the sun rise over the ocean was so worth it.

We did much better with the photos this time, and I think some of them turned out really well.

person running on beach, beach sunrise, sunrise run,

We had a great time exploring the beach, and managed to not get too sunburned.

I love the beaches in Texas, as they are safe, clean, and you can drive on them for miles.

It is a great escape from the world.

If you’re ever in Texas, you have to visit the beaches in South Padre Island and Corpus Christie!

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