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You Can Take Great Travel Photos Too: 6 Awesome Camera Phone Shots

I’ve heard people say they want to start sharing their adventures with videos or a blog, but they’re waiting to save up for a nice camera to do it.


You don’t need a fancy DSLR to tell a story. In fact, some of my favorite travel pictures I have were taken on my cell phone.

Sometimes, I’ll be out with friends and order a really interesting dish, and there’s only one camera I have to capture it-my phone.

Check out this Krispy Kreme burger I had recently? Yes, it was as incredible as it looks. And I regret everything.

Check out this sunset photo I took in Rochester, Minnesota with only my phone! Right? Not a bad instagram pic.

Many times, there is something that happens that I don’t have control over, or wasn’t planning to see while I was out, so I’m forced to use my phone to take a quick photo.

Here are some cute baby ducks that happened to wonder across my path one day.

Right?? SO CUTE!

This shot was taken while I was flying somewhere. Not sure where…

Sometimes I will find myself in random adventures and not have brought my camera. This happened a lot while I was on tour.

hotel morgan, hotel ballroom, ballroom

Like the time I got to explore this random hotel late at night.

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And the time I randomly hopped on a bus to NYC for Christmas.

manhattan, manhattan skyline, manhattan at christmas, nyc skyline, nyc at christmas, nyc skyline christmas, top of the rock,

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