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Camping at Guadalupe River State Park, San Antonio

Ah, camping. Who doesn’t love some fresh air and a chance to connect with nature? I haven’t been camping in ages. But I do enjoy a good adventure, and since I purchased a tent a few months ago, I’ve been dying to try it out.

Guadalupe River State Park is a 4 mile long stretch of river surrounded by campsites and activity centers. It’s about 30 minutes north of San Antonio, and a brilliant escape from the city.

I will say it’s a bit pricey; our campsite cost us $24, and entry to the park was $14, for a total of $38. That’s a bit much for an evening in the woods, but the money was put to good use. The park was clean and well maintained, and though the campsite was a concrete pad (ick), it was still a nice evening.

Brian mounted his fancy hammock tent between some trees. It’s a Tentstile brand tent, and crazy comfy. It’s not available in stores yet-this particular model is a prototype we got to test out. I highly recommend them, as they make some AWESOME tents. If you want to pick one up; take a look at the VISTA Tree Tent, it is the closest thing to the prototype we were using.

I stuck with my good old Coleman tent. You can’t go wrong with a classic, right?

The night was short; I worked during the day, so we didn’t get to go until later in the evening, but it was enough time for a little bit of exploring and an attempt at starting a campfire.

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The next morning (after we slept in way late, which was awesome) we explored up and down the river a bit, and spent a fair amount of time skipping stones across the water.

trees, tree branches, tree roots, tree near river,

I will say this park is incredibly photogenic. It makes for a great backdrop for any picture.

rocky, rock formation

It was a beautiful place to spend the day, and I highly recommend it.


State parks are a unique, beautiful, and safe way to explore nature, and if you haven’t already, check out the state parks in your area. You never know what you’ll find.


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