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Cocktails and Frozen Yogurt in State College, Pennsylvania

If you’ve never been lost in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, you’re missing out. It’s classic Midwestern wilds; there are bears, lots of big hills, thick forests, and plenty of trails to explore. The flip side of the rolling wilderness is the bubbly college town of State College, PA.

This busy little town, tucked away in the hills of Pennsylvania, is home to Penn State University, which means it has a lot of great food, cocktails, and hipster areas.

I found myself here with my boss, a producer, and we worked (some) but decided to spend a fair amount of the day lounging in one of the many open-patio bars, having some lovely cocktails and shooting the breeze.

There’s nothing like people-watching and catching up with an old friend on a hot summer day.

I opted to try a few local craft cocktails, which were well made, if a bit sugary, and we snacked on some tapas.

There are a lot of great shops up and down the streets, so we wondered around a bit and found a great suit shop where I purchased a few pairs of crazy-colored socks.

We found our way back to the restaurant for a late snack (and some frozen yogurt) and one last sugary cocktail.


It’s a great little town with a lot to do, and if you like nature, there’s certainly a lot of cool nearby spots to explore.

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