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Eating and Screaming at the South Texas Corn Maze

Who doesn’t love fall? I’ll admit, it’s one of my favorite seasons. I love the cool air, the bright colors, the pumpkins, the dress up….ah….

One of my favorite fall activities is getting a little lost in a corn maze. If you’ve never done one, you have to find one near you! Once all the corn has died, farmers will carve out pathways through their cornstalks, and you can walk through and get lost. Some places even have haunted corn mazes, with performers who scare you.

There’s a little farm in South Texas that does a corn maze every year, and they have all sorts of fall attractions.

The Graff 7a Ranch is home to the South Texas Corn Maze, and I was lucky enough to get to go explore it with some coworkers.

They have a sort of scavenger hunt; you take a paper and solve clues to find number posts in the ground, and it helps you find the way out. Of course, for added spookiness, we did it after dark.

Here is some of the group, relaxing on some giant hay bales.

We had fun jumping between them and trying to push each other off. Because, you know, even adults can act like kids every once in a while.

Aside from the maze, they have lots of other cool activities like pig races, yes, you read that right.

Every few hours they have a group of pigs (with rather comical names) that are set loose in a circular track, and have to find their way around for a treat.

It’s a strange thing to watch, for sure.

There are also giant slides and lots of food!

All of it is unhealthy, of course. From pizza to burgers to slushies and other treats, all the food is made at little stands around the farm. Sort of like a fair; except with fall treats like roasted corn, and pumpkin flavored things.

Once you’re done gorging yourself on all that food, you can also wonder over and meet some goats.

The cutest little goats you can imagine. Though I didn’t have anything to feed them, they were very friendly and fun to play with.

Once the sun set, we made our way into the corn maze, and I scared my friend Hannah a few too many times.

These little mazes are all over the country; I can remember going to them growing up. So, this fall, search around your city, and see if you can find a cornfield to get lost in.

It’s a blast!

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