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History in Morgantown, West Virginia

Morgantown is known for being a college town, but there’s a lot more to it than that! This little city is bustling full of history and interesting things around each corner.

When you walk down the street, you don’t particularly get the vibe of a history-dense area, but don’t let that deceive you. While the city is full of modern buildings and cool activities (check out my time at the Morgantown Escape Room), the modern buildings are built on and around some incredible history.

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The first awesome bit of history was the hotel that we stayed at. Hotel Morgan opened in 1925, and has a haunting history. clarion hotel morgan, haunted hotels, hotel morgan

The grand ballroom was restored in the late 90s, and is a great place to see. There’s a mezzanine that overlooks the ballroom, which is where the hotel serves continental breakfast, and a beautiful chandelier that hangs over the center of the room.

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I managed to convince the front desk clerk to give us a short tour, and she let us explore the ballroom, as well as the furnace room, which lives just below the ballroom. In order to get to the furnace room, you have to stroll through the part of the hotel that used to be a nightclub in the 1980s; the nightclub still has some of its original paintings on the wall, which is pretty cool.

While the haunted history of the hotel was pretty cool, the area out and about the hotel was pretty cool as well. We spent some time exploring the Aull Center.

The Aull Center is a part of the Morgantown Public Library and is open to the public. The folks there were happy to give us a tour, and a short version of the history of the building. Built in 1907, the Aull Center (formerly the Garlow House) is the library’s genealogy center, and has a trove of historic maps and records of the area.

My favorite part of the Aull Center was the clawfoot bathtub, original to the house. There was also an antique elevator that was installed in the house, which was non-functional, but awesome to see.

I enjoyed my time in Morgantown, and would be excited to go back.

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