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Ice Cream and Burritos in Wilmington, North Carolina

Wilmington is a cool city. With lots of water, fresh air, and southern living, it’s a really great place to visit on the East Coast.

I’m lucky enough to have been several times, as I have family there.

This Thanksgiving, I went down to Wilmington to hang out with family and enjoy my last few weeks in Ohio.

It was also around the time of my sister’s anniversary, and she asked that I take some anniversary photos of her and her husband. Photos on the beach? Sure!

I think they turned out well, and she seemed pleased with them.

They’re doing this thing where they hold up their wedding photo, and each year after they hold up the next year’s photo. Cool idea, for sure.

The beach on the East Coast is lovely, a bit cool, but there’s a nice variety of sand and rocks. In this area of North Carolina, it was like a long stretch of rocks and sand.

Of course, we had to take a family photo while we were here.

Family minus the photographer (me) of course. But it made for a great backdrop to capture my clan.

Here’s some more cool photos I took:

We had a great time.

But of course, with afternoons on the beach, you’ve got to get some great grub too!

My Aunt, who lives in Wilmington, took us to a Wilmington classic; a place called Flaming Amy’s Burrito Barn. And with a name like that, you know the food will be great!

This place has a cool ambiance, with metal signs everywhere, and is a loud, casual joint. It was super busy when we got there, but we had no problem finding a table.

That’s the group. They have a nice mix of super hot food, and not-super hot food, so that everyone can enjoy something.

They also have this cool little salsa bar with a variety of flavors, and you can mix and match as much as you like.

I got a Flaming Amy’s Burrito, and it didn’t seem spicy to me at all; but then again, I enjoy pretty spicy food, so it may have just been too tame for me.

It was a delicious burrito, though. My step dad got the same thing, and he thought it was a bit spicy, but very tasty, and stuffed full of burrito goodness.

I mean, who doesn’t drool at the thought of a tasty burrito?

My time in Wilmington would not be complete without exploring downtown. Walking down the pier I found really refreshing and relaxing. There are vendors and shops, public bathrooms, fun restaurants, and boats you can charter.

Of course, I had to take goofy photos in front of the court house water fountain too.

See? Had to have my sister take a goofy photo of me. Can you say TOURIST?

The day would not be complete, however, without some tasty butterscotch ice cream. We found a small ice cream shop downtown, and my Grandpa (with his sweet tooth) decided we all needed to go get some.

It was yummy, though I did feel a bit guilty for eating so unhealthily.

It was a great trip, and I really enjoyed getting to explore the area a bit. I only get to go every few years, so I’m looking forward to visiting again soon!


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