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Pennsylvania’s Free Admission Theme Park: Knoebels

Who doesn’t love free travel activities? I know I do. Nestled in the hills of Pennsylvania, Knoebels advertises itself as ‘America’s Largest Free Admission Theme Park’. And they live up to the hype.

It’s a nicely sized theme park, and it’s free to get in. While most theme parks (*coughs* Disneyland) charge you a hefty fee just to walk onto their park, you can literally just wonder in to Knoebels.

It’s a beautiful piece of land, surrounded by hills and trees.

They have roller coasters and fried food, as any good theme park should. And while you do have to pay for tickets to ride any rides, all of their entertainment is free. So committing to my ‘free’ day of exploring, I didn’t ride anything. Oh, and did I mention parking is free too?

If you want to take a stroll for the day and have a nice picnic, this is a great place to go people watch. Or, if you decide to ride some rides, you can splurge and do that too.

I will say, I managed to get caught up in a magic show while I was there, and that was a fun experience, if a little campy.

It’s a beautiful place to escape for the day and see something new. Knoebels has a perfect niche as it feels like a small, family run park, but has all the perks of a larger theme park.

They even have their own waterpark and some furry costume characters for the kids.



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