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My Favorite Travel Photos

Taking good travel photos is tough. Being able to snap a great photo seems trivial, but when you’re out and about, it can be hard to remember to keep your batteries charged, let alone be able to remember your ISO, Aperture settings, and white balance.

So when I manage to take a good picture, I’m pretty proud of it. Here are some of my favorite travel photos I’ve taken so far.

 This photo wasn’t actually taken by me; my roommate took it while I was showing him how to use a DSLR.

It was taken in Corpus Christie, Texas on a min-beach adventure.

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mohican state park, girl in front of trees, trees, forest, plaid, plaid girl, plaid girl in forest,Isn’t this a great candid?

This photo was taken at Mohican State Park, in Loudonville, Ohio.

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Okay, so this photo is totally cheating.

It’s not a photo at all. Can you tell? It’s a still from a video I shot in New York City.

But it’s still a beautiful image.

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So I will say, I’m proud of this shot. Even if I messed up the composition a little bit, it really captures the green rolling hills of Pennsylvania.

I took this photo at Hyner Run State Park in Mill Hall, Pennsylvania.

These are one of my favorite kinds of photos. There’s something magical about flying, and even though it sucks sometimes, the beauty of soaring through the clouds is really wonderful.

What are your favorite travel photos? Do you like any of the ones I took? Leave a comment below!

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