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Exploring the USS Lexington in Corpus Christie

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a huge ship!

The USS Lexington is an aircraft carrier that is now a floating museum in Corpus Christie, Texas. Commissioned in 1943, this ship saw a fair amount of action before being retired.

While taking my beach vacation in Corpus, I decided it would be great to spend a morning at the USS Lexington.

You can read about it on its Wikipedia page or the official website, but here was my experience on board.

It was a bit pricey to get in, about $15 per person, and all the tours are self-guided. Brian and I had a great time, but it did seem like a bit much to spend.

USS Lexington

The flight deck has restored airplanes to showcase the different aircraft that were on the ship.

There’s lots of signs, so you can really get familiar with the history of the ship, and they even have an airplane you can sit in for photos.

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You could also tour all the different spaces on the ship, from the Captain’s quarters, to the sick bay, cafeteria, and bridge.

It was neat to wonder around the ship, and it was really cool to see just how big it was. They even had a full-service barber shop!

The Ship-board Barber Shop

Check out these tiny sleeping quarters!


It was a really cool tour to take, and a fun way to spend a few hours.

If you’re ever in Corpus Christie and want to learn some awesome history and kill a few hours, check out the USS Lexington!


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