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How to Find the Best Food When Traveling

I don’t describe myself as a foodie, but I do find that I take a lot of photos of food. When you’re out traveling, food can be a great way to connect with the local culture and get a sense of the people in the area.

It’s amazing how different cities have specific foods or styles of food that they identify with, and I can’t tell you how many different types of food you can find in a state-side city.

When you’re on the road, out traveling, locals are your biggest resource. Get over that shyness and talk to people! Ask the guy on the road, or the local barista, “What is the classic food of this city? What’s your favorite?”

Ask people where they go to eat and take lots of restaurant recommendations. They’ll always be able to point you toward a great food spot.

Here’s some of the great food I’ve discovered in the last few months. Got a suggestion? Think I missed a classic? Tweet me @thebrandenscott and share your favorite local food!

1. The Pittsburger, Pittsburg, PA


burger, sandwhich, pittsburgerMade famous at the original Primanti Bros restaurant, this giant sandwich will leave you feeling stuffed. You don’t need to order any sides with this monster, as they’re all included on the sandwich. Fries and coleslaw add some serious heft to this burger.

Served at the classic Primanti Bros, this titan would make the perfect 2am drunk food. It’s delish, but as far from health food as a sandwich can get.

2. The Dirty Bird, Morgantown, WV

open face sandwich, the dirty bird

I’m not even sure you can call this a sandwich. A brainchild of the Dirty Bird Cafe in Morgantown, WV, this open-faced delight contains chicken-fried chicken, lots of gravy and cheese, and a over easy egg.

Not for the faint of heart, this calorie-packed lunch will fill you up FAST. I couldn’t even finish mine.

Incredibly tasty, it was hard to stop eating it, even once my stomach begged me to stop. If you’re ever near the area, you must try this sandwich.

Want to read more about Morgantown? Check out this post about the Morgantown Escape Room, or read my abbreviated version of the History of Morgantown.

4. All the Pasta in Richmond

Pasta? Need I say more? A little upscale restaurant in Richmond, VA, serves small dish pasta, and the menu changes seasonally so they can always use the freshest ingredients. They’ll keep the pasta coming until you pass out. Seriously great food, and cheap cocktails. Graffiato is a little on the expensive side, but worth it to spoil yourself in foodie land.

Read more about Great Eats in Richmond, VA.

5. The Best Coffee in Manhattan, NYC, New York

This place had a great latte. And if I were a better travel blogger, I’d share the name with you, but I don’t remember it, and didn’t check in on Swarm so I could look back.

If you’re looking for great coffee in Manhattan, find a hipster, independently owned shop, and you really can’t go wrong.

Read about spending Christmas Eve in Manhattan, or check out my list of Cheap/Free Things to Do in NYC.


What are your favorite local foods? Comment below!


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