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Loosing Out at Busch Gardens Tampa

WEE! Who doesn’t love a great roller-coaster? I’m currently in Tampa, Florida, and there’s a great theme park nearby called Busch Gardens Tampa, so I thought why not?

I used to work for Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and loved my time playing around that park, so I figured since I’m in Tampa, I may as well explore their sister park here!

My goal was to see their halloween things; I wanted to walk through haunted houses, get scared senseless, and ride some thrill rides in the dark.

We arrived after lunch, and I was surprised how dead the park was. There were not a lot of guests, and we didn’t have any long lines at all.

I thought it was their off-season. Turns out anyone who looked at the forecast decided not to go to the park. It was supposed to rain that day, but it was my only day off, so I thought I’d risk it.

We arrived and found the park simply crawling with animals (pun intended).

We got to meet alligators, elephants, tigers, apes, lions and all sorts of incredible animals!

It was a nice afternoon, and we managed to ride one roller coaster before the rain and lightening hit us. The park, for safety reasons, shuts down rides if lightening is too close. What a bummer-I was ready to ride some roller coasters. But it meant we got to catch some awesome shows inside.

Here’s the gang! We had a nice time-we were able to catch their ice show, and a few animal shows.

Once the rain let up, we were able to head back outside, but the rides were still closed due to the lightening. I wasn’t upset though, since we were able to have some great animal interactions. We met a lovely kangaroo, and we were able to pet and feed the little guy.

Pretty cool!

As the evening approached, we we ready for halloween shows to start. I was so ready to be scared crazy. Unfortunately for us, we were bamboozled, as the park had been rented out by McDonalds for their employees, so we were more-or-less thrown out.

Even though the day was a bust, I was able to make some new animal friends and meet a lovely kangaroo! Lesson learned. Check with the schedule of the place you want to visit.

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