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Reflecting on 2016

Holy cow, you guys. 2016 was a whirlwind. I made some mistakes, learned a lot, lost my mom, traveled, started a new job, and did a million things in between. It was a hard year.…

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Manhattan at Christmas

The interesting thing about working on a tour is that you have a lot of opportunities that encourage you to fly by the seat of your pants. I found myself in a hotel in Toledo the day before Christmas…

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Exploring the Mall of America

No American roadtrip is complete without the classics; a list that surely includes the Mall of America. One of the largest malls in the states, the Mall of America is a pinnacle of capitalism. While I was in Minnesota,…

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Eating Healthy in Minneapolis

Ah, Minnesota-land of a thousand lakes (and long ‘o’ sounds). My week in Minneapolis was a lot of fun-and boy was I glad I brought my thick coat! Though it didn’t actually snow until my last few days in…

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Do Something That Scares You

What are you afraid of? I’ve asked myself that question thousands of times. And it’s impossible to answer with anything other than ‘then unknown’. I am headed off traveling in the next week and I’ve spent most of November…

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New York City in 48 Hours

You have 48 hours in NYC; what can you do to see and experience the most in that time? This summer I took my mom up to the city to celebrate her cancer-free anniversary, and we had a blast.…