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Bucket List for 2018

Well, it’s been a heck of a year. If you haven’t already, be sure to read my 2017 Year in Review post. 

As I jump into 2018, I’m excited to see where my adventures take me. I’m finally starting to nail down my travel goals and figure out what I want to do, and how to make it happen.

I’ll be honest, it makes me a little bit nervous to share this list on my site, as I feel like then it’s out in the world, but if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s to put what you want out there and work for it. So, with a deep breath, here we go.

Some of these things are from my travel bucket list, and some are new, and with a bit of luck, I’ll acomplish all of them by the end of 2018.

1. Get Open Water Scuba Certified

Will I like scuba? I’m certainly in love with the idea of it. I hope I like it, as I’ve obsessed over the ocean for years. So this is the year to get up-close and personal!

2. Save $5k Toward a Boat

Yep, this is the one I’m nervous about. I haven’t shared this dream publically; so I’m a bit shy to talk about it.

One of my life goals is to own a sailboat. Somewhere between a 1970’s 34ft ketch, or something bigger if I can afford it. So I’m starting this year putting aways money in a dedicated, ‘Buy a Boat’ savings account.

3. Make Better Narrative Videos

If you subscribe to my Youtube Channel, you’ve seen my travel videos before. They’re full of pretty shots of my adventures, but I want to make them even better. Instead of showing you where I’m at, I want to be more narrative. Talking about where I am, giving tips, and showcasing travel, instead of just being flashy.

4. Stay Under 210lbs

IF you know me personally (or are very observant in my videos and photos) you’ll know that I fluctuate in weight a lot. I’m a sucker for the peer pressure and letting my enviornment influence me; so when I’m working a dayjob I can easily jump up to 220, and when I’m working a more involved job I’ll sink back down to 180.

So this year, I’m going to try to maintain my weight and not go so wild with different lifestyles.

5. Drink Less Booze

I love a nice vodka. Pretty much anything mixes with it, and it helps me unwind at the end of a long day. All my friends are big drinkers, so it’s easy for me to go a bit overboard. I want to cut back on that.

6. Set a Personal Record

I want to set a new record for myself. In 2018, I want to go further west then I’ve ever been, or further north than I’ve ever been, something that I can say is my new record.

7. Learn 20 Sailing Knots

Well, now that the cat is out of the bag, you know my dream. So this year I’m going to learn twenty different sailing knots, and be able to do them comfortable, and know how they should be used.

boy on tower, tower, guy on tower, climbing, guy hiking,

8. Sail on a Boat

Since I’m starting to save for my own boat, I should probably make sure I can even handle or like sailing, right? This year I want to actually get on a large boat, and see how I do. Test my sea legs, find out if I get seasick.

9. Minamize My Worldly Possessions

I have a lot of stuff. I have a car sitting in storage in Texas, full of random things. And I have boxes at my Grandparents house and my cousin’s house in Ohio. Too much stuff. What do I really need? If I can live out of two suitcases while I travel and not touch that stuff for months on end, do I really need it?

10. Laugh More, Smile More, Get Out More

These are the generic goals for everyone, right? Well they’re true. I want to teach myself how to enjoy life to the fullest. Before my mother passed away, she showed me how to do this, and I’ve sort of lost it. I’m going to push myself in new ways to say yes to adventure.

What are your 2018 goals? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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