I get lots of questions pretty often, so I decided to answer as many as I can here. If you have a question and don’t see it below, feel free to use my contact form to ask it!

I’m very lucky to get paid to travel. Right now, I’m on a theatrical tour, which pays for my travel around the country, and I work on all the props for the show. I made a video about how I travel for free, which you can watch here, or you can read my blog post here
I use a lot of different gear to get the best shots. You can learn all about all of my gear on this post.
It’s not hard to stay safe if you’re smart about things. Being aware of your environment is very important. I’m lucky to be a white male, as  I can be less of a target, but I still take precautions when I’m traveling. I try to make sure to avoid sketchy areas, and not show off my gear. If I don’t feel safe somewhere, the last thing I want to do is pull out an expensive camera.


I’ll also always make sure that my phone is charged when I’m headed out in case I need to call fo help, and I try to avoid dark alleys and stick to well-lit areas when I can. You can also chec k the ‘Before You Go‘ section of the government travel department’s website for warnings and tips. Locals are also a big help; don’t be afraid to ask locals where is safe, or what to look out for.

It’s expensive to share my adventures. From $200/year to keep this blog up to camera gear, it costs a lot. My adventures are supported by you guys, and I can’t thank you enough. Traveling and sharing my stories is my favorite thing to do, and you make it happen. Support me by leaving a tip here.