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How to Travel for Free

Traveling is incredible. The chance to get out and explore, meet new people and see new places can give some people wonderlust.

People are always asking how they can travel, so I’ve put together this blog post to share I how travel for free.

  1.  Tour Performances

I’m on tour, which means I’m currently getting paid to travel around the United States. What do I do? I’m on a theatrical tour, which performs all over the US. I’ve been working in theatrical entertainment for 8 years now, and I’ve built a skillset to work on theatre shows.

There are lots of companies that produce shows around the world, and are always looking for help.

Look at upcoming performances near you; chances are there are rock bands, country bands, comedians, kids shows, broadway shows, TONS of traveling shows. And they need people to help manage their shows, plan their travel, move the scenery and props, repair costumes, drive buses, and supervise.

Here are some links to touring jobs you can apply for if you’re interested in getting paid to travel:

Feld Entertainment

VStar Entertainment

Live Nation

Mills Entertainment

guy on south beach, miami florida beach,

2. Travel Nursing

This career takes a bit more planning and schooling, but there are a lot of opportunities for travel nurses. From the World Health Organization to Doctors Without Borders, I’m sure you’ve heard of some international health organizations.

If you like science and helping people, a career in nursing may be calling to you. Though it requires a lot of schooling, it also gives you the chance to keep your career when you’re ready to settle down.

Travel Nursing Jobs

3. Cruise Ship Work

Want to travel the world via the oceans? I have lots of friends that have worked on cruise ships, and really enjoy it.

From entertainment to housekeepers, front desk managers, bartenders, and bellhops, floating work is always available. And if you don’t mind close quarters, you get the chance to travel the world, dock in exotic locations, and get paid to do it.

Cruise Ship Jobs

4. Coding

Like computers? Have a knack for coding? Most coding jobs can be done virtually, so you can work anywhere with an internet connection.

Coding Jobs

5. Travel Writing

Like to put pen to paper? Or keys to a keyboard…?

Travel Writing can be hard to break into, but with a nice portfolio, you can go the freelance route and reach out to tourist boards yourself, or you can find companies that are already established.

The Moral of the story is that if you want it badly enough, you too can get paid to travel.

Be sure to catch my travel adventures on Youtube, and sign up for my mailing list to stay up-to-date.

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